June 14, 2024
Screen Video Recorder Windows 11

Everything You Need To Know About Best Free Screen Video Recorder For Windows 11 (& Windows 10)

Screen Video Recorders have been there for more than a decade now. Almost all are of them are mainstream but yet, some of them never work or have a huge file size output. I am going to give you a free screen recorder which I have been using for the last 8+ years and it simply works. It generates so small video files that you can even email them to someone.

Bytescount Screen Capturing – Download Link here

More important is the setting of this screen recorder when you first install it.

Notice the Setting of Bytescout Screen Capturing Tool

Notice that you would need to change the Video Size, you can change it to make it Full HD by putting 1920 x 1080 in place of 1280×720.

You may have to Enable Audio recording if you are making a tutorial, rest of all settings can be left as it is or you can also change the Audio Format from 128 kbps to lower or higher as per your needs.

The size of the video is very small at the same time the quality is extremely good. The best part, it’s free and won’t bother you to buy it or register it.

I have tested the same on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Leave a comment for any questions.

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