May 29, 2024
Unified Communication Apps

Unified Messaging & Communications App for Your PC – Use All Your Chat Apps in One Window / App

One App for all your messengers, One App for all your updates, One App for all your communication needs.

In today’s world when we have multiple messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger, Linkedin Chat, Teams, and whatnot, it is becoming more and more difficult to get a grip of these apps. When we have a mobile we load all these apps and try to cope up with them, when we are on PC it is an instant challenge to keep track of all these open Tabs in the web browser or flip through so many installed applications just to send or read a message. Many of us have simply given up and only use Mobile phones to communicate.

Only if there was one window or screen where all the messaging and communication can live out of and all the notifications are unified, all that cluttered windows can be managed.

I came across the same challenge on PC as there were endless apps and different UI to handle. Trust me, I can handle all these apps seamlessly, and still, I faced trouble, imagine a casual user. After some of the research found alternates and workarounds to these problems. Found some of the noteworthy contenders but each one had its flaws.

  1. Rambox Pro
  2. Ferdi
  3. Franz
  4. Shift
  5. Hamsket (Recommended)

Almost all of them were either paid or freemium with multiple limitations. Fredi was one of the forks of Franz but had lots of bugs (at that time). Finally, I settled for Hamsket which was the Fork of Rambox and was also open source.

Hamsket showed all the promise which was needed to run a Multi-communication tool all under one window. Most notably it had an inbuilt Spell-Checker which was one of the premium features elsewhere. Finally, I was able to add up to 10 services that I use the most including email and chat communication in Hamsket, and able to use it without any flaws.

I would highly encourage all of those people who are struggling with multiple windows, apps, UIs, just to communicate better, look no more, Hamsket will help you achieve more in one single Window. Below are some of the screenshots of how the service looks. You can always add any website you want with the Custom Size option.


PS: You can give link to any custom Icon of the service if you are adding a custom site, just make sure that the URL is HTTPS otherwise it won’t be displayed. Got to know about this requirement the hard way.

Important Links:

Latest release ( Download the EXE for Windows

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