June 14, 2024
BSNL Wings SIP Configuration

BSNL Wings Configured with 3CX

Are you aware that there exists a digital service provider in India that provide VoIP services (SIP) with a Cellphone connection without the need to purchase a physical SIM card for your device and app-based calling to Mobile and Landlines in India?

All you need to do is buy this service online, get the PIN, get the configuration and install the app to get going. The cost is minimal with just over ₹ 100 per month or ₹ 1,200 per year. Not just that you can make calls using Wi-Fi without the need to get a proper cellular connection because all the communication happens via SIP protocol via IP.

Why stop at that, why don’t you join the power of a 3CX Cloud IP Voice service provider with that of this service? You can replicate what Primary Rate Interface (PRI) environment that is used in corporate with the help of this server.

3CX which is free for the first year can be self-hosted on any existing infra or can be hosted on a Cloud provider like Google’s GCP / AWS or Azure’s free tier. All you need is the setting or configuration that is required to set up the SIP Trunk with 3CX and see the magic of the BSNL SIP service with the power of 3CX.

Would you be willing to create extensions for your friends and family, would you like to use this server for your small home and business with IVR facility and extension calling etc?

Stay tuned with the configuration in the upcoming blog post.

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