May 29, 2024

Send SMS Texts from PC to Android Phone

Every wanted to send SMS (Texts) from PC without the need to pick up your phone. Presenting MyPhoneExplorer which can do exactly the same thing without the worry about picking your phone ever again. You can read, send, search any of the SMS which are stored in your phone with this software. It has multiple connectivity options starting from Wifi, Bluetooth, USB etc.

All you need to do is install MyPhoneExplorer Client from Google Play Store. And install the PC Software from here.

MyPhoneExplorer Client

Connect your phone after installing the client using the settings, go to Messages > Conversation and sync to load all your messages. Post loading you will be able to compose or read your messages without the need of ever opening them on phone. Have been able to successfully load 4000+ messages with this amazing software within a few secs.


Give a shout if you need more help in sending SMS from PC on Android Phone.

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